3 Oct

This is for class and stuff. 🙂

We are starting blogs for opinion writing. 15 entries to be marked by the end of the semester!


pillow sandwich

18 Jan

After a long hard day of school, meetings, video games, baby sitting, work, or just plain doing nothing don’t you just want to sit down and relax? I know I do, but sometimes there are not enough hours in a day to get the stuff done that needs to be done and have time to yourself.

Today, for example, there was the usual school routine, then I had to meet someone for a group I am joining, then I came home only to get ready to go out again (sister got lead role in a school musical and she did amazing, if I might add…and not because I’m biased). When I got home I did some light exercise. All I wanted to do was collapse onto my bed and pass out!!

I was ready to do so when I remembered how last night I fell asleep with my head on one pillow and another pillow on my head. It was so comfy and it just shut out all sound, thoughts, and stress that I had. I have to say it was the best sleep I have had in a long time!!!

mackiesays: treat yourself to a pillow sandwich tonight (or at least once in a while) if you find yourself too busy during the day to tune the world out. We all know that sometimes that is just what we need to get our feet back on the ground!!

Goodnight everyone!! (:

the human genome project, ftw!

17 Jan

Hi interwebs (: I am supposed to be working on my one-page opinion on the Human Genome Project for biology class, but I haven’t posted anything in a while (I feel like I should be posting things more often). ):  Then I thought, “well HEY! Since I am going to be typing either way, why not type my opinion on here! It will get my homework done, and create an awesome topic discussion for anyone who wishes to contribute their own opinion” (: Aren’t I just a freakin’ genius?? Just kidding, but anyway…onto the topic of…The Human Genome Project!

The Basics:

The Human Genome Project started in the year 1990 with the purpose of mapping out all the genes in the human genome, kind of like a blueprint. It was initiated by two groups: the private group, which was run by J. Craig Venter, President of the Celera Genomics and the public groups, which was supported and run by  the U.S government, headed by a man named Francis Collins of the U.S National Human Genome Research Institute. Both groups had different ways of sequencing to code the human genome. It became a race of sorts to see who could code for the entire human genome first, but in the end the two groups came together and the presented their findings at the same time.


I believe that the whole prospect of the human genome project is morally incorrect. It allows people to think that it is okay to change things that they have no control over. There is a reason that each person is made as they are and altering that just can throw the balance of life off-kilter. Also, if we are able to see what traits we can pick and choose for ourselves, or even our children, we will become less diversified because the media has shaped our minds to see what the “perfect” human could be; so everyone, or their children, would have similar traits and the genetic diversity would be limited…in other words, the gene pool would run very shallow.

I do admit, however, that besides the moral issues behind the Human Genome Project, there are beneficial aspects such as research and possible cures or solutions for genetic mutations and the disabilities that come from the mutations. Unfortunately humans are greedy and power-hungry beings that always want more the minute ‘more’ becomes accessible. That is another issue with the Human Genome Project: this knowledge that we now hold about the human genome is extraordinary and still, countries are continuing to do research for “the well-being of society”. Knowledge is power, a little power is not enough, and only the wealthy can have it at their every whim.

This creates an enormous issue in society, especially by exposing poverty that already exists in the world in a negative way. Do the rich really need to become “better”? Access to this kind of knowledge divides the world even more into social classes and it degrades the human spirit by piling greed on top of more greed. Being able to map out and see the human genome can result in privacy issues, or lead to more poverty in cases such as genetic screening for a job. If a person has the gene for a particular trait or disease, they may not get hired and that is discrimination and against the law. We should not judge each other on how we are genetically made up just as we should not judge people by their skin colour, religion, age, gender, or sexual orientation.

In conclusion, although having access to the ‘blueprint’ of the human genome can be used for good purposes, keeping people alive and well, it is quite plain to see, by observing society today, that that is not the only thing this information will be used for. It will most likely be used for genetically altering appearances or traits, “baby shopping”,  possibly  job screening, and many more morally challenging procedures.  All of which lead to some sort of discrimination, division of society, or even internal arguments. None of those options are acceptable as human beings or as a society. It is almost like we are moving backwards in time with our ethics and our morals about the human life.

I hope this was informative in some way, feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments!! There is no such thing as a wrong opinion! (:

the storm before the calm

12 Jan

ProjectsProjectsProjectsProjectsProjectsProjectsProjectsProjectsProjects, and then exams….*BIG BREATH*

High school is fun. High school is hard work. Especially around exam time!! Especially in grade 12.

I have 3 classes this semester…how can I possibly have this much work to do? There’s Open-level religion, University-level Biology, and U-level Advanced Functions. I get that I’m taking a science and a math, and I expected to work hard in those, but RELIGION? I never knew a project in that class would take me this long.

Honestly, it’s like teachers forget what it’s like to be a student. Why do teachers give projects so close to exam time? Why do they keep teaching NEW stuff??? “less than 2 weeks to exams, let’s start a new lesson and give them projects and tests to do as well!” I swear that’s what they think of. It is just stressful :\ I swear I have had no time to even…breathe!! Not to mention the pressure of doing well to get into university. The standards and expectations for marks are so ridiculously hard to get, but I guess that’s how they pick their breed.

Some people just get the marks. They just understand concepts like they were born knowing this stuff from another life and this is just a refresher. Some people work their butts off and the smallest drop in their mark or class work/performance could feel like a freefall.

Anywhoo…time to get back to, you guessed it, projects! Or maybe I will just take some time to breathe (or take a nap). I’ll appreciate every minute of it. I cannot wait until after exams…it will definitely be the calm AFTER the storm.

mackiesays: with any projects, at any education level, prioritize, but still make time for naps, food, and bathroom.

P.S I wish high school exams were BEFORE Christmas break rather than after. It’s like “welcome back from the break, now you have to remember everything we did before the break because exams are in three weeks!” ugh.

silver bells vs. school bells

2 Jan

Christmas holidays, I shall miss thee!

I will miss the sleeping in, the holiday cheer, and the time spent with family and friends. I had such a blast with everyone this break; I actually got out of the house quite often and I wasn’t just sitting inside. If it wasn’t for the serious lack of snow I may have built a snowman or something in the backyard as well.

It was a well-deserved break for all. Productive or not (because you know how much teachers love giving the high school students summative assignments to work on over the break), there was just enough time to relax and get those unfinished projects out of the way. Of course, it was also a busy and stressful time all the same; last minute Christmas shopping, boxing day MADNESS, and we cannot forget those last minute assignments that we “just don’t have time for because we are doing so much fun stuff” (Teachers don’t buy that)!!

Just one more day and it’s back to the hustle-and-bustle of class to class, to your locker to talk to your friend, or skipping class ‘just because’. No more stirring of creatures in the night (or not-stirring, as The Night Before Christmas tells it), no more unwrapping gifts (unless it’s a birthday or something) and no more lazy days by the fireplace or in bed under the covers. It’s back to that same old ‘wake up, go to school/work, come home, snack, maybe do homework, and sleep’ routine…of course Facebooking time is allotted in somewhere (: .

mackiesays: next time, enjoy the time off that you have in whatever way you find indulgence. Oh! and I speak for everyone when I say: “I don’t wanna go baaaackk, waaaaaaaah!” Buh-bye silver bells and tinsel. Hello school bells and pens & pencils!

let it snow

6 Dec

It’s the jolly good month of December where Christmas spirit fills the air more and more each day! December is fully of great things: Christmas, spending time with the family, lots of smiles, and not to forget…my birthday! It’s all good, except this year I have ONE tiny problem…THERE’S NO SNOW YET!

It’s weird. I get that most people are happy that there isn’t much sn

ow on the ground yet, but it’s the second week of December people! Usually there are piles of snow by mid-November. There should be snow in December, it adds to the Christmas feeling and makes everything so beautiful. This crappy, pathetic snowing that we are getting is tiresome…it gets too bloody cold, but the snow never stays. I personally think that the cold would be more bearable if there was something white and fluffy to play in, some substance to accompany it.

I think I might move to England, or London, Ontario…they’re getting tons of snow (: Actually, it’s snowing here right now, a light dusting, but how long will it last and will we ever get enough on the ground to make a snowman or have snow ball fights? *sigh*

Who’s with me? Mother Nature, play along;

mackiesays: “let it snow”.

P.S. Christmas carols/songs are the best, so here’s one to add to this post, I’m sure most will know it – “Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. And since we’ve no place to go…let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!” –

don’t let me be alone

5 Dec

When people are left to their own devices it can result in a multitude of outcomes, more generally categorized under positive or negative. In most cases it depends on the situation itself.

In my case, it’s a lot like most cases; sometimes good, sometimes bad. For example, group work is overall not productive for me, so when left to my own means and my own devices I am much more confident and the outcome surpasses the alternative. In other instances, say if I’m left alone with my own thoughts- complete silence, no distractions- it usually ends up in some form of emotional turmoil (I may be overreacting, but hey that’s just who I am!). It gets scary when I’m alone with my thoughts; like when you’re stuck in a room alone with someone and the atmosphere is suffocated with “creeper vibes”. It’s worse when it’s someone you know well. So needless to say, sometimes my ‘devices’ attack me when I’m left alone with them.
Which brings up another thought- one that scares me and excites me at the same time- adulthood. The way I see it, adulthood is freedom and individual responsibility, which sounds amazing! Those aspects are also what frightens me. Once you become an adult to society, you are left to your own devices, to survive alone. To find your own means of transportation, work, income, and the basics. You never know if your parents will be there to pick you up and get ice for your boo-boo. Now you’re running the high wire act and they are 50 stories below you; still there but you’re on your own.

But what do I know right? I’m still just a kid whose life is just beginning each day. I have tons of good friends to support me or leave me be if I need space. I’m going to love everyday of my life if it kills me,

mackiesays: please, don’t leave me alone just yet.